The Project at a Glance!

Nafees Library – A Memoir of Sayyid Nafees Al-Hussaini

This library is dedicated to preserve the unique and outstanding works did by Hazrat Nafees Shah Sahib. The uniqueness of this website is that it contains many original scannings of some rare manuscripts and old books that are of crucial importance to Muslims, but are long forgotten. We are certain that this collection will be most beneficial to scholars and common readers alike. Below is a short overview of various sections of the project.

  • Books written/re-published by Hazrat Sayyid Nafees Shah Sahib
  • Authentic Islamic Books on some crucial subjects like Karbla, Sufisim, History etc.
  • Calligraphy by Hazrat Shah Sahib
  • Rare Books and Manuscripts

Kindly note that Nafees Library is a special purpose collection of books and lacks books on general topics. With the advent of Internet, the digitization processes and spread of books have gained a tremendous boost. Many projects have been started where books are being preserved and shared. There can be no doubt in the value of such projects, however, we at Nafees Library have the aim to preserve books in their original state by scanning. Books are scanned at a printable quality and are made available in PDF format. Moreover, we have limited ourselves, at this website, to works only related to Nafees Shah Sahib, his ideology or asked by him to provide here. The project started in around 2007. No more books are being added after the demise of Hazrat Nafees Shah Sahib. This website remains as a tribute to his efforts.

It is worth mentioning that Nafees Library is an absolutely non-commercial project and all the publishing rights of these books are the property of their respective owners and we in no way intend to violate them.